About Ruiz Coffee Distributors

Already in the fifth generation of coffee people, the

Ruiz family started to grow coffee in the Boquete

Valley, Panama, since late 1800s.

Boquete Valley is at the eastern skirt of Panama’s

highest point, the Baru Volcano. There, the

mountains form an ideal place for growing the most

unique coffees of the world. Under the “bajareque”

coming from the Caribbean

Sea with a view toward the

Pacific Ocean, a small

plantation of coffee, initiated

the interest and economic

activity of the Ruiz Family.

The coffee activity has evolved

in the family from growing to

processing, commerce to roasting and packaging, from local to international market, and from

cupping to points of sale. In this endeavor, dedication has been devoted to quality: getting the

most of the potential provided by the fertile soil, great coffee varieties, right microclimate, and

passionate people.

Ruiz Coffee Distributors is an important part of making

possible the “100% from Origin” coffee. Since 1993 we have

provided a direct link between coffee lovers and coffee

growers from Boquete, Panamá. This link represents

opportunities for improvement at origins, especially for

preparing high-end quality coffee as final products that

receive recognition in international cupping evaluations.

Ruiz Coffee Distributors team also promotes learning about

drinking good coffee while taking the time to visit growing

coffee areas. We share time with coffee cuppers and roasters

as well as participating in hands-on training in the different

aspects of coffee evaluation, roasting, processing, and


Boquete Valley Gourmet coffees is an end result of the effort put into creating rich and diverse coffee products,

which all come from Boquete, the coffee center of Panamá.

There is something about Boquete Coffee. Take the time to sip it and enjoy it.

Greetings from Lia, David, Seth & Keith.

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